Like most people celebrating a big event, my graduation present came in the form of airplane tickets. It started as a tourist trip, and ended up with deciding that I love this country and I want to be a part of it. There is something about canada that drew me in, keeping me wanting more to stay and not leave it. It is a totally different environment from the city I grew up in, a different weather, but I still chose to stay because of the following reasons:

  1. I was able to breathe.

Growing up in New York where the most nature you will experience is by taking a stroll in Central Park, I fell involve immediately after staying at our relatives house that was open to fields and fields of greenery. Everything just seemed so natural, decongested and content. But on top of this all, it was the fresh air that drew me into this country.

  1. I was able to live with what I had in my pocket.

The cost of living in our part of Canada is low, of course on cities it will be higher but not as high as what I was used to. I interviewed my relatives, asked about their basic income, their house mortgage, their daily expenses, and even their pet checkups, all to understand and realize that it is a very forgiving country that will not work you to death.

  1. I know I will be able to find work.

I was a fresh graduate, with no formal working experience except those summer jobs I took to save money during my spare time. But seeing as how my cousins were able to land a decent job, how long the unemployed percentage is, and how well Canada accepts diversity, I knew my chances on landing a job were big. During my second visit, I decided to ask an immigration officer and she made me feel that I was needed in their country and it would be her pleasure helping me. Canada has a great immigration program, and with that I was simply sold to the idea of really being part of the family and not merely an expat.

  1. I am at ease.

I was comfortable, and this is probably the most obvious yet most important reason of them all. I liked how everything is balanced- the nature, the development, the work and the leisure; I was able to do all these in a snap as everything seemed to be within reach. I can go to a business meeting and meet a client in a sophisticated coffee shop, or at a picnic table in a wildlife park and they won’t even mind at all. I was and still am at ease and happy living here in this country I now call my home.

We all come from different walks of life, and I am not saying that you should move to Canada too, because we each have our own preference. I just hope you realize that leaving your country does not mean not loving it, you are only choosing to love more because you are accepting that we as a humans should not be divided by language or topographical boundaries. I wish you good luck in finding a second home as I did.

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